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CARISMA 16267 SCA-1E Alloy & CF Steering Knuckle Set (V2)

CARISMA 16267 SCA-1E Alloy & CF Steering Knuckle Set (V2)

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CARISMA 16267 SCA-1E Alloy & CF Steering Knuckle Set (V2)

We Are Raising The Bar...Literally!

When you progress from Trail Running to full on Rock Crawling, often a rigs limiting factors aren't its articulation, or the grip its tyres can generate, or even its weight bias. We've already designed our rigs to accommodate those features. Approach Angle, Break Over Angle and Departure Angle have a more direct effect on what it can crawl up, over and away from.

Our team have developed and field tested a new high clearance Alloy and Carbon Fibre V2 steering knuckle, offering 17.5mm more forward clearance to the steering link, and additionally raising it 9.2mm higher than our stock RTR or Kit Steering Knuckles. This improves the rigs Approach Angle, lifts the Steering Link above the centreline of the Front Axles diff housing, and still allows good steering deflection and turning circle. It's a simple, cost effective, yet elegant engineering solution. One that with just a few minutes work to fit, will improve a rigs crawling ability and give the driver more confidence than ever to tackle those difficult lines and take in their stride whatever nature can throw at them and their SCA-1E rig.

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