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ABM Brushless 13.5 Stock Race Motor BRCA Approved ABM10002

ABM Brushless 13.5 Stock Race Motor BRCA Approved ABM10002

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ABM Brushless 17.5 Stock Race Motor BRCA Approved

ABM Motors are manufactured in a state of the art facility in China by the RC industries leading manufacturing facility.

  • All-new and Unique Stator Design to Provide Strong Torque and High RPM.
  • CNC Machined 7075 Aluminium Heatsink Housing.
  • American standard high purity Copper Windings for Maximum conductivity and lowest internal resistance.
  • Stator Electroplated to Prevent Ageing and Rusting.
  • Adjustable Timing & Dual Sensor Port
  • Detachable/Replaceable High Speed Rotor
  • Neat front and rear splicing structure
  • Internal Titanium-Magnesium Alloy Heat Sink to Reduce Heat Loss.
  • NSK R2ZZ Bearing Original Imported From Japan, Ensuring Smooth Operation
  • Thicker Gilding Gold Plated Copper for Maximum Non-resistant Input
  • The explosion-proof rotor made of NdFeB,TURBO speeds up to 80,000 RPM
  • BRCA & EFRA approved, Meets ROAR & IFMAR specifications.

Library Images showing a 17.5 motor.

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