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Corally Kronos XTR 6S Monster Truck 1/8 LWB Roller Chassis - 2022 Edition C-00273 (shadow stock)

Corally Kronos XTR 6S Monster Truck 1/8 LWB Roller Chassis - 2022 Edition C-00273 (shadow stock)

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The Kronos XTR delivers performance and durability rarely seen in a bash machine. Choose your own electronics to create a unique and personalized experience.

The all-new Kronos XTR from Team Corally takes the successful Kronos platform to an entirely new level with innovations to improve durability, handling, and performance. This 1/8 scale Brushless Electric Monster Truck features a full-time 4WD system with three heavy-duty differentials that precisely distribute power to each of the four corners. The letters XTR means Extreme. This supreme bash machine is capable of managing extreme terrain and performing extreme stunts that would send other models directly to the repair shop.

Roller means that this model is offered without electronics, allowing you to tailor the choice of steering servo, speed control and brushless motor to your exact specifications.

The aluminum shocks on the XTR feature a revised lower ball cup and spring perch, along with new pistons and spring rates to better absorb landings from extreme stunts. The completely new chassis brace system features aluminum lower braces with a 7075 aluminum central bridge, in addition to optimized tubes that interconnect the front, rear, and center chassis assemblies for maximum rigidity. A new front shock tower brace adds additional strength and precision to the front end.

The bulletproof, heavy-duty steel drivetrain features all of the best possible components for trouble-free bashing such as spring steel outdrives, rubber-sealed ball bearings, CNC-cut gears, and front CVD driveshafts. Premium 7075 aluminum for the chassis plate and shock towers delivers best-in-class durability!

The Kronos XTR also contains new heavy-duty steering blocks, along with extreme 3mm thick aluminum hinge pin braces. Underneath, front and rear skid plates protect the chassis during extreme stunts. An extra-large battery compartment makes it simple to install your favorite LiPo pack and the heavy-duty aluminum twin-plate steering system guarantees the Kronos XTR goes exactly where you point it. Premium spring steel adjustable turnbuckles allow convenient suspension and steering adjustments, while durable composite racing wheels and high-grip rubber tires deliver maximum vehicle traction.


Large Bore (16mm) Adjustable Aluminum Shock Absorbers

Big-bore shocks allow the Kronos XTR to soak up terrain that would stop other cars in their tracks! Oil-filled and easily adjustable thanks to threaded shock bodies, they feature race-inspired tuned springs, aluminum caps and special oversize lower spring cups that deliver reliability in the toughest conditions or tallest jumps.

Scale: 1:8
Length: 577mm
Height: 209mm
Width: 465mm
Wheelbase: 388mm
Weight (no battery): 4650g
Ground Clearance (max): 75mm
Wheel Hex Size: 17mm
Wheel Size (diameter, width): 170x78.5mm
Gear Ratio (internal): 3.31 (MOD.1)
Drive: 4WD
Motor: Brushless Electric READY
Max Battery Size: 51x161mm


  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • ESC
  • Brushless Motor
  • Steering Servo
  • 4s or 6s Lithium Battery Pack
  • Battery Charger
  • 4 x AA Batteries
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