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Hobbywing XERUN V10 25.5T G3R Black Motor HW30401133

Hobbywing XERUN V10 25.5T G3R Black Motor HW30401133

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Designed for high level racing. The torque of the G3R Stock motor is improved by 13.3%, the KV & max output power are improved by 6.5% and 8.6% respectively compared to the V10 G3 motor.

Low resistance but high efficiency. The resistance of this G3R is reduced by 11% while the efficiency is improved by 6% when compared to the V10 G3.

Lightweight. This G3R weighs only 139g and is 8.6% lighter than some popular stock motors on the market.

The built in high precision hall sensor combined with the high precision and balanced rotor guarantee outstanding linearity of the motor.

The motor case is designed to be easy to dismantle for maintenance purposes and for the replacement of common wearing parts.

The special shell design which makes the stator core expose to the air maximises cooling. Big holes on the end plates further help reduce heat.

The use of high performance stator core, heat (200degC) resistant wire, heat (180degC) resistant rotor with strong structure, world class high precision and high strength bearings and copper solder tabs with super current endurance guarantees outstanding performance and super durability.

Complies with IFMAR, ROAR, EFRA, BRCA rules and certificated by RoHS, CE, FCC and etc.

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