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RADIOLINK T8S 2.4GHz 8-Channel Transmitter with Bluetooth and 1x R8EF Receiver RLKT081002 (SHADOW STOCK)

RADIOLINK T8S 2.4GHz 8-Channel Transmitter with Bluetooth and 1x R8EF Receiver RLKT081002 (SHADOW STOCK)

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Key Features
  • 8 channels.
  • FHSS frequency-hopping spread spectrum protocol.
  • Full range capability.
  • Servo reverse on all eight channels.
  • Supplied with an R8EF 8-channel receiver.
  • Supports R8SM 8-channel mini S-Bus receiver.
  • Proportional rotating dial to channel 8.
  • Twin three-position switches.
  • Wireless trainer compatibility (with optional R8FM module).
  • Transmitter low voltage battery warning.
  • Digital trims.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Integral antennae.
  • Integrated 1S 900mAh LiPo giving up to 5 hours usage.
  • USB charging port.
  • 12 bit (4096) resolution.
  • Programmable via Apple and Android smartphone app.
Standard Programming Features
  • Servo reverse.
  • Sub trim.
  • End point.
  • Fail-safe.
  • Delay.
  • Tx alarm.
  • Stick mode change
  • Programmable mixing.
  • V-tail mix.
  • Elevon mix.
  • Dual rate.
What's in the Box
  • 1x T8S 2.4GHz 8-channel transmitter.
  • 1x R8EF 8-channel receiver.
  • 1x Throttle stick spring retainer.
  • 1x USB (standard) to USB (micro) lead.
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
Needed to Complete
  • 1x Apple / Android smartphone with free to download RadioLink app.

Product Description
Don’t let the size of this clever little full range, 2.4GHz transmitter fool you. It is, to coin a popular idiom, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Seeming – at first glance – like nothing more than a basic four-channel game-style transmitter you have to take a closer look to understand its true power. Boasting 8 real channels (operated by regular dual-axis gimbals, plus additional switch-, dial- and button-operated functions) the T8S is both versatile and sophisticated. Equipped with FHSS frequency-hopping spread spectrum protocol that offers a superior transmission rate, enhanced interference rejection and a secure full range capability, the T8’s versatility comes in its ability to operate anything from a small two-channel yacht to an 8-channel warbird with retracts, flaps two auxiliary functions and even programmable mixing. That’s outstanding at this price point and it’s all done via an easy-to-use bluetooth smartphone app that’s free to download for both Apple and Android phones. By storing multiple model memories on your smartphone the T8S becomes as powerful as any entry-level 8-channel computer radio yet, of course, it takes half the space in your flight-box or rucksack.

Comfortable to hold with quality gimbals and reassuringly sturdy auxiliary switches, you’ll find yourself rather taken with this neat and tidy little box of tricks.
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