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Schumacher PROCAT CLASSIC - KIT K193

Schumacher PROCAT CLASSIC - KIT K193

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- High quality GRP chassis.
- Efficient fibre reinforced drive belts.
- 14 ball, ball differential, invented by Cecil Schumacher in 1978.
- Unique alloy coil over oil filled laydown front shock absorbers.
- Front double wishbone suspension with massive travel.
- Huge steering lock to handle the tightest tracks.
- Front ‘O’ ring ‘crashback’ system to minimise front end crash damage.
- Tough polycarbonate bodyshell to keep out the dirt.
- Original Schumacher tyres.
- Accepts period NiMh batteries or modern shorty LiPos.
- Accepts brushed or brushless motors.
- Option parts available including a transmission upgrade #U7236 to handle modern high powered motors, and create a class leading buggy for vintage RC racing.

Pre Orders Being Taken.

Equipment Needed
2 Channel Radio
Motor (Max 13.5T limit with kit transmission, 6.5T with optional pro transmission)
Electric Speed Control
Battery (2S Shorty LiPo)
Paint for Bodyshell

ProCat Classic Specification  
Power Source: ELECTRIC
Length: 400mm
Width: 250mm
Top Speed: 40 MPH+
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