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Tamiya HOTSHOT II Blockhead Motors 58710 (supplier stock - available to order)

Tamiya HOTSHOT II Blockhead Motors 58710 (supplier stock - available to order)

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Hot Shot II – Blockhead Motors

Tamiya welcomes back Item 58062 1/10 R/C Hotshot II - originally released in 1987 - with a twist! The Hotshot

II is one of the earliest 4WD buggy models and this had not been re-released until today. Following Item 58695

(1/10 R/C Wild One Off-Roader Blockhead Motors), this is the second model of our Jun Watanabe R/C buggy

re-releases. This model is the 4WD buggy based on Item 58062, and the sticker is designed by Jun Watanabe’s

brand "BLOCKHEAD MOTORS'' which deals in stickers and apparel, and customizations of Tamiya off road

buggy models from the 1980s, also taking part in the design of collaborative fashion, music, and skateboard

projects to expand the horizons of R/C cars.

About the model

 This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit. Length: 390mm, width: 235mm, height: 150mm.

  • Polycarbonate body (0.7mm thickness) of the Hotshot II is pre-cut and pre-painted in brilliant blue. (Cutlines and marks to make holes are added from the original Hotshot II (Item 58062) body.)
  • New roll cage is positioned higher to ensure raised driver position for more realism. In accordance with this matter, upper frame is also updated.
  • Uprights and wheels are matte-finish metal-plated.
  • Includes new stickers designed by Jun Watanabe’s brand "BLOCKHEAD MOTORS”.
  • Number plates, light pods, side plates, window nets and dummy antenna are also included.
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension utilizes one front transverse and two rear CVA II oil damp
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