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Ansmann Ac/Dc Delta 3 Charger AC3001

Ansmann Ac/Dc Delta 3 Charger AC3001

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The Ansmann AC/DC Delta 3 is an INTELLIGENT fast battery pack charger for 6 cell (7.2V) and 7 cell (8.4V) battery packs

  • AC/DC Battery Charger for NiCd/NiMH Battery Packs
  • 100-240V AC 50-60Hz (UK Plug)
  • 12V - 16V DC (Cigar Lighter Plug)
  • For Packs 7.2V to 8.4V 3000-5400mAh
  • Fast charging current 3000mA
  • Trickle Charge 190mA
  • Includes 140 min. safety timer
  • Red LED denotes fast charging
  • Green LED denotes trickle charging
  • Integrated TAMIYA type connector
  • Fitted with UK plug
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