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CARISMA 82668 - SCA-1E 1/10TH 4WD COYOTE 2.1 KIT (285MM WHEELBASE) CA82668

CARISMA 82668 - SCA-1E 1/10TH 4WD COYOTE 2.1 KIT (285MM WHEELBASE) CA82668

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CARISMA 82668 - SCA-1E 1/10th 4WD Coyote 2.1 Builders Kit (285mm wheelbase)

The Carisma Coyote Builders Kit has evolved, and is now fully 2.1 Loaded!

The new Coyote 2.1 Kit comes fully loaded with Gen 2.1 Hop Ups as standard. With our new ATT (Anti Torque Twist) transmission, and a lowered gear ratio of 5.92:1 offering a smoother low RPM range and greater control when Crawling. Locked Diffs combine with 1.9 true bead lock wheels and soft compound AT-AT Tyres to generate grip even under the harshest of conditions. This is our best performing platform to date, but still retaining the same amazing value for money as its predecessor.

Key Coyote 2.1 Kit Features: -

  • New ATT (Anti Torque Twist) Transmission
  • Threaded Alloy Bodied Coil Over Shocks
  • CMS Mount For Improved Weight Bias
  • Optional Rear Bumper With Tow Hook
  • Soft Compound ATAT All Terrain Tyres
  • New Lower 14,83 (5.92:1) Gear Ratio
  • Front CVD's & Robust Steel Driveline
  • Optional Winch Ready Front Bumper
  • New 'Karmadaz' Decal Set Included
  • LED Ready Light Buckets Included

Body Beautiful

The truly iconic look and lines of the Coyote 2.1 are enhanced with additional injection moulded Scale Details. Wing Mirrors, Door Handles, Rear Bed Catches, Windscreen Wipers, Grille, front and rear Bumpers, and front and rear LED Ready Light Buckets all combine to take this Lexan Shell to another level of realism. It truly has 'Hard Body' looks, with the advantage of Lexan weight saving and performance.

This ones for the builders. Just add imagination. Build and set it up your way. Paint it in your favorite colour and livery. Add as little or as much additional Scale Details as you want. The new SCA-1E Coyote 2.1 Kit is just the starting point of a fresh Carisma Scale Adventure. Get ready to take things to another level of realism and performance.

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