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Carisma 83068 Suzuki Jimny JB74 (Black) 1/24th scale

Carisma 83068 Suzuki Jimny JB74 (Black) 1/24th scale

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming new 1/24 series official licensed Suzuki Jimny JB74


Carisma 83068 Suzuki Jimny JB74 (Black) 1/24th scale

This is perhaps one of the hottest new small cars coming from Japan and is already well received by the general public. With a 2 years waiting list, this car is extremely popular.

With that in mind. Carisma Scale Adventure has licensed to product radio control replica of this amazing vehicle.

The 1/24 scale Jimny JB74 will be mounted onto the MSA_1E Chassis with Gen 2 motor and revised gear ratio. (10T as standard). Electronics modules are the same as other MSA_1E models.

Fully decaled and decorated with injection molded trim parts is evident to our passion in creating a scale looking RC vehicle with performance to match.

These are ready to run, asembled and come complete with re chargeable batteries for thr car, charger, dry cell batteries for the transmitter, everything you need is right there in the box.

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