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CARISMA CRF-1 with Lotus Type 98T

CARISMA CRF-1 with Lotus Type 98T

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Carisma Racing CRF-1 Classic Team Lotus Type 98T 1/10th 2WD *Kit
(*Requires Wheels, Tires, All Electrics, Paint, Threadlock and Tools.)

Main Technical Specifications
• Full Carbon Fibre Race Chassis, Aircraft Grade Alloy and Composite Components.
• Unique front bulkhead design for multiple set ups and ease of on-the-fly tuning.
• Rear pivot pod with innovative side shock sliders and optional Dual-Stage Suspension.
• Every aspect of the geometry is fully adjustable to dial in any track condition.
• Real world tested. No theoretical, No simulation, Race proven.
• The 98T body is race spec Polycarbonate, supplied clear (but pre-cut).
• Includes full detailed decal sheets, including Senna helmet detailing.

Front End Innovations
• Adjustable Castor 0-14 deg by changing 1 shim
• Adjustable Camber -3 to (as much positive as you want) by adding shims
• Adjustable Ride Height by changing shims under front end assembly
• Metal Pivot balls for increased durability and smooth movement
• Aluminium upper arm mounts
• Built in reactive castor (5 degrees) for increased steering
• Durable steering blocks with 2 steering link mounting positions
• Adjustable roll centre by adding shims under top arms
• Extra long front wheel axles to allow a multitude of wheels/tyres to fit
• Easily Adjustable front width
• Industry STD front springs on the king pins
• Adjustable Ackermann settings – 3 positions from the kit.
• Front brace helps support the front end and increases front to rear chassis stiffness
• M4 screws used to mount the front end assembly into sturdy aluminium mounts for maximum durability
• Castor mount supports the front end to reduce chances of tweak on impacts
• Dual Ballraced single pivot aluminium steering bellcrank
• 2 Wheelbase settings using the same parts
• Steering lock stops
• 1 piece stiff lower suspension arm – more steering and less chance of tweak
• Accepts all ETS allowed wings and others

Rear End Innovations
• Increased centre pivot angles allow huge pod movement – huge advantage on bumpy tracks and curb riding.
• Lightweight 2 piece aluminium bulkheads
• Ride height adjustable via shims under the aluminium bearing holders.
• Smooth durable ball differential with thrust race built in
• Accepts all 14mm hex wheels
• 4 screw option for holding the motor in place, extra durability if required.
• Increased motor cooling due to the open pod design
• Carbon Rear wing mount with multiple height positions for fine tuning the handling to the wing you choose.
• Carbon brace under rear axle – increase durability
• Accepts all ETS allowed wings and others

Side Damper Tube Shock Innovations
• Tunable rear pod side angles – reduce angle with shims / accepts front suspension springs for an industry first dual stage suspension.
• Side Damper tubes tunable with different oils/greases and have coil over springs with adjustable threaded collars to adjust tweak settings.
• Accepts 1/12th scale centre shock springs

Centre Shock Innovations
• Large stroke centre shock – better over bumpy tracks
• Oil filled coil over spring design

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