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XRAY XB8E ’22 1/8 Off-Road Buggy XR350159

XRAY XB8E ’22 1/8 Off-Road Buggy XR350159

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XB8 Platform.

The XB8E shares a majority of its parts with the ultra-successful XB8 platform with several details fine-tuned for the electric buggy class. Wherever possible, the XB8 and XB8E share suspension and driveline components to streamline spares and tuning parts between the two cars without making any compromises to on-track performance. This minimizes the number of extra parts needed to support both nitro and electric editions even smaller for the extremely durable recent generation XRAY 1/8 off-road platform.

European Champions.

The XRAY XB8E platform displayed its incredible performance advantage by winning the European Championships in the hands of Jean-Pierrick Sartel.

Made in Europe.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German & Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY's legendary attention to detail by our artistic production specialists. The XB8E is truly a masterpiece.

Frontward Wing.

The XB8’s molded wing was redesigned for a more forward position to create more downforce over the rear suspension. The shape of the wing increases the stability of the car in all conditions and is legal under the latest IFMAR wing specifications.

Central CVD Shaft Universal Joint.

To increase reliability and strength, the M4 set screws on the central CVD universal joints were replaced by more robust M5 set screws to eliminate stripping the screw during installation or maintenance.

Central CVD shaft universal joints are made from world-renown HUDY Spring Steel. Strategically machined for toughness and reduced weight without compromising strength. Fits front & rear central CVD drive shafts.

Shock Towers.

New graphite rear shock tower improves traction in all track conditions. CNC-machined from extra-thick 4mm premium-grade graphite, the shock tower features multiple shock positions and multiple roll center adjustment positions.

Steering Block.

Steering blocks from a harder composite material provide a more responsive feel especially on bumpy tracks and retain free suspension movement in dusty conditions for better consistency. The steering blocks are super lightweight yet extremely strong, featuring a larger outside 8x16x5mm ball-bearings for increased reliability and lifespan.

HUDY Set-Up Book.

The XB8E is one of the most adjustable off-road cars in the world. Whether you are a hardcore racing enthusiast or a club-level sportsman, you can very easily adjust the XB8E to suit your driving style, track type, and track conditions.

To fully comprehend the set-up possibilities of the XB8E, we highly recommend the HUDY Set-up Book which is loaded with over 50 pages of high-quality pictures and easy-to-understand RC car set-up explanations. The HUDY Set-up book will teach you many set-up tips & tricks to help improve your set-up skills, ultimately translating into improved racing performance with your XB8E. The HUDY Set-up Book is available for download exclusively at

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