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Kyosho EP Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II 1:12 Kit *Legendary Series* 30637B

Kyosho EP Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II 1:12 Kit *Legendary Series* 30637B

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Amazing running agility!
"FANTOM EP-4WD Ext" is the last reincarnation of the famous FANTOM EP form!

Two years after the seismic impact of the FANTOM EP-4WD’s debut win, the "FANTOM EP-4WD Ext" stunned the world by achieving the same feat against an even more competitive field at the 1985 Japan Championship.
Racing surface conditions at that time were improving and race formats changed from the fiery 4-minute races to 8-minute endurance races. The "FANTOM EP-4WD Ext" was developed to meet this trend.
Kyosho was the first to introduce the chain + one-way 4WD system developed for 1/8 engine models into 1/12 electric racing cars. The front one-way system enabled power to be applied earlier through corners, allowing for more aggressive driving. On the other hand, energy efficiency didn’t improve and it was prone to stalling when power was taken off.
In the Ext, high-dimensional fusion of the 3P suspension reinforces weak points. 2.2mm suspension stroke is realized through specially shaped springs creating a "progressive spring effect" by compressing the suspension according to the roll amount of the chassis when entering a corner, and then extending from when it starts clipping too much to minimize stall when power is taken off. At the same time, energy efficiency is improved by reducing the time power is ON. The main chassis has been enhanced with an evolved front suspension to deliver increased rigidity from a reinforcing plate on the front that allows optimal movement of the suspension. Incorporating the direct servo saver into the steering servo increases the front load, allowing the chassis to be shaped so that the rear rolls and pitches flexibly in sync with the front. Oil damper is added for pitching control to improve the ground contact of the rear.
When first developed, the Ext was focused on weight reduction and its 880g was lighter than the first generation. The commitment to light weight remains in this relaunched version with the inclusion of lightweight knuckle arms and wheel nuts. Please enjoy this modernized version of Kyosho’s timeless classic, the "FANTOM EP-4WD Ext", which is the 11th model in the vintage series.


●Recreates the style and atmosphere from its debut in 1985, with a thorough modernization of each component.
● FANTOM EP 4WD Ext faithfully reproduces the chassis design including its distinguishing 3P suspension and ladder chain + front one-way bearing 4WD system.
● Features the same 3P suspension structure from the original with a specially shaped spring in the kingpin on the front plus machined aluminum oil damper on the rear for pitching control.
● Unique shape of the main chassis exerts the same suspension effect due to torsion as the original design. A reinforcing plate is layered on the front for additional rigidity.
● Redesigned for ESC compatibility in place of the rotary speed controller from the original, allowing brushless motor & ESC combination. Front plate features mounting holes for Le Mans 240S ESC.
● Newly designed machine-cut aluminum steering servo provides adjustable mounting that corresponds to various sizes.
● Newly designed direct servo saver with a double ring spring produces the spring rate to realize improved reliability and direct steering feel.
● Machined aluminum rear axle features a height adjuster mechanism that was not available in the original. Vehicle height and chain tension can be adjusted.
● Long-type 48 pitch 21T long-type pinion gear is included as standard. 14T to 27T are available in standard shape as options.
● Front and rear tires have been changed from the original sponge to rubber-sponge compound on both front and rear, greatly improving grip and reducing tire wear, which was a problem at the time of the original.
● Popular with competitive racers, the same CRC-II body design used by Junichi Koma for the FANTOM’s ‘win on debut’ at the 1985 Japan Championship has been faithfully reproduced. Produces excellent aerodynamic balance.
● Included decals and simple coloring can reproduce the style of the original package model. (The driver doll needs painting)

Kit Contents

  • Chassis kit
  • Adhesive shaped tire
  • Unpainted body
  • Decal
  • Wheel wrench(12/4.0)
  • 5.5/4.5wrench
  • FRP shock wrench

Required for Operation

  • Radio transmitter with 2 channel, 1-servo(Receiving size:L37xW30xH16.5mm)
  • 1 Electronic speed controller (ESC size:38x31x23mm)
  • 540 Motor
  • Battery for chassis(Battery size:138x48x24.5mm)
  • Batteries for transmitter
  • Charger for Battery
  • Paint for body
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